Ex Libris

by A Bad Cavalier

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My name is Niall Kennedy and 'A Bad Cavalier' is a project I started 14 years ago. I have been recording songs all by myself ever since then, but without releasing any of my work until now. This year I finally had free time to record some songs and I was finally able to release them on bandcamp. Fourteen years later, and now it feels like the right time to let people hear them.

I spend most of my year playing and touring in 'And So I Watch You From Afar' and whilst traveling on the road around Europe and America I was able to mix and master the drums and guitars I had recorded in Belfast. It has been a very fun and cathartic project for me and has kept me busy in a lot of our downtime. I feel a bit of the experience of touring has made its way into the music.

I really hope you enjoy the tunes, please feel free to share this page with your friends, post it on your blog or tweet about it. If you would like to support me financially (you have no idea how much I would appreciate that!) please feel free to pay whatever you like for the tunes, everything helps me towards one day finally paying my rent! Dream big!

Thanks again so much for taking the time to check out my music!

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A Bad Cavalier


released October 19, 2013

All tracks written, recorded, performed and produced by Niall Kennedy
Drum recording engineered by Andy Shields



all rights reserved


A Bad Cavalier Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Gone
Here I go again, staring at my phone and
Hoping you might think of me but it's someone else
You are thinking you could try to start from scratch
Maybe you might meet your match
I guess Im already in your past
but you didn't tell me
Now Im gone

Im alone again
All the same things in my head
Am I coming back from here?
I know theres hope but I can't breath
Im low on faith and up on fear
Down on luck and disappearing
Ive not seen the light for weeks
Is someone coming back for me, cos I'm gone
Track Name: Olive Tree
I know something that'll make you feel alright
I know something that'll blow your fucking mind
And it won't hurt and it won't take long
And before you know it you'll be singing this song

If you're looking for an olive tree
Somewhere near your sanity
If all you wanted was a moment of peace
Happiness on a slow release

I know something that'll make you feel alright
I know something that'll keep you safe at night
And it won't hurt and it won't take long
Cos I know
When your day is long and your night is cold
And you're all alone
When you look around for something you know
But its just not home
And it don't work and it don't make sense
But if you want to hear, then you got to listen
Track Name: I Miss My Mind
Well well well what is this?
Welcome to the way you must exist on your own today
No breaks, and nothing will relent
And you were born not to make the event
Im trying to explain
You are part of someones game
It will push you to the edge and you will try again

All of these things Ive left behind
I miss my mind, I miss my friends,
My broken heart, too broke to mend all these things

Let me catch my breath
I want to release the words that are trapped in behind my teeth
Oh God, this is like a dream
And what you seen can't be unseen

All of the times I looked away
Scared I would break
Scared of the fear
Waiting to see what you would say
Oh no
Track Name: Coast On
Coast on, drift by, this is goodnight
Sail on the sky and Ill be alright

This doesn't have a meaning
You weren't supposed to leave me
This doesn't have a meaning
You'll never see me how you seen me

I seen you laughing, I seen you cry
You never noticed me half the time